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Measurement Based CAC w/ AVBO using ITS (CallManager Lite)

I have a customer that wants to run IPT over VPNs using the Internet as the underlying network. I'd like to use AVBO utilizing Cisco SAA technology as my CAC mechanism with PSTN fallback. However, my routers aren't originating or terminating the calls as the customer wants to use IP phones, not analog ports on a gateway. Is the AVBO feature available in this senario? If not, how can I leverage Cisco SAA technology in a CAC manner using pure IPT? Thanks a million.

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Re: Measurement Based CAC w/ AVBO using ITS (CallManager Lite)

I think you have an uphill battle here. AVBO basically works with SAA probes to get a snapshot of the network in time, and based on your findings, you can shutdown voice ports and use your PSTN fallback. This will not work with IPT! If you have taken the latest DQoS course and have the materials, there is an excellent section describing AVBO and SAA and it's implementation. It clearly states that this is not applicable with true IP Telephony :(.

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