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Media Master Error: No Ports Available for Outgoing Calls

2.46.161, TSP 6.01 NT4 Exch 5.5 ,4 port, CCM3.1a integration

Any attempt to use Media Master to point to an IP phone ext. fails with the message "No Ports avaialbale on the voice server for outgoing calls.

Doesnt matter if you are on console or remote.

MM works fine for audio HW on a PC.

MM options set for IP of Unity and Extension of IP phone.

All port set for MWI, MM, Accept Calls,

Everything else works on ports, VM, transfer, MWI.

Not a dual integration.

Have reinstalled Unity and TSP.

Not sure but it may have stopped after applying the licence from Cisco. Was running in Demo mode.

Anyone seen this.


Cisco Employee

Re: Media Master Error: No Ports Available for Outgoing Calls

One possibility that comes to mind here is the last port in the system configured for MM dialout capabilities may be "burned" (in an unresponsive state). Unity starts at the highest port number and works forward for all dialout activity, including MM... If a port looks free and fails to respond it could result in that message (i.e. it wont fail and just try the next port available). I know you said the ports are working for other things but can you specifically dial into the highest port number configured for MM in this case and make sure the port is working OK?

another thing to try is to see if Unity can do a notification dialout... setup a subscriber's home phone notification device to be active and have it dial an extension handy when a new message arrives. This should try to do the same type of dialout...

In both cases check the application event log for errors.

Shouldn't be related to any licensing issue... something else is afoot. If it's not something with the last port or the lines not being able to dial out or the like it'd be a good idea to get a TAC case open for this.

Cisco Employee

Re: Media Master Error: No Ports Available for Outgoing Calls

Server name and extension problems usually result in an "Unknown problems are preventing connection to the server" message. This error sounds like the MM connection is okay but there's a problem server-side.

Since Unity dials out from the last ports to the first ports, check to see if ports 3 & 4 are still alive by dialing them directly.

Do you have message notification enabled for the ports? Try a message notification dialout to the same phone to see if other outgoing calls are working.

You can also use the StatusMonitor.exe utility (found in the TechTools folder in the Unity install directory) to monitor the port activity, which may give more information on what's going wrong.


Community Member

Re: Media Master Error: No Ports Available for Outgoing Calls

We have experienced the same problem. No outcall, transfer or MWI working. We found that the tech booted the system and forgot to add the dongle. They powered down, added the dongle, and powered up. The ports took incoming calls but no outgoing. We uninstalled the TSP (6.02), rebooted, reinstalled TSP, rebooted. The ports were working OK after that was done.

Versions were CM 3.2.2c w/spB and Unity 3.1.4.

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