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Media Master & MWI

I have 2.4.6 running on W2K, connecting via TSP to CallManager 3.08. Media Master only works on Port 1, and MWI only works if you use StatusMonitor.exe to set the light, and then only on port 1. I have case B283126 open with Cisco so if you are already handling the case from that perspective, thats ok.<br><br>Network Engineering Associates


Re: Media Master & MWI

I would venture to guess it's not a Unity related problem. If you have your ports configuration setup correctly in the SA such that ports higher than 1 are allowed to do MM and TRAP sessions, then I'm suspecting that we're getting errors doing dialouts on those ports due to a CM configuration issue of some sort.

What errors/warnings (if any) are showing up in the event log when you attempt to do lamps/dialouts on ports higher than 1? If the dialout is failing for some reason there should be a note in the logs about it. Also, what error do you get on the TRAP connection attempt? Is it always "an unknown error"?

The notifier (who does the message notifications and MWI dialouts) and the TRAP connector both work the same way. They ask the arbiter for an available port that is configured to do the type of dialout they want. The arbiter gives them a handle to a port and reserves it (i.e. so some other process can't also snag it). It will attempt to do the dialout and if it fails, the delivery attempt fails... it doesn't not then go ask for another port. This isn't like dialing a number and getting RNA, this is going off hook and dialing and getting a failure error on that process, so it's a little more serious. Something is wrong and it terminates the dialout request for that job. If port 8, for instance, is not configured properly on CM somehow and dialout attempts are being rejected, you'll see the behavior you report. On an analog PBX the classic thing here would be no dialtone being provided by the switch... for CM, I'm not sure what the top suspect(s) would be here.

I suspect that message notification dialouts will fail in the same way, by the way... you can try that if you want to be sure. If THOSE work on ports higher than 1, there's a totally different issue at play here.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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