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Media Master problem

'when trying to use MM to record/playback greetings from SA, I get a message box with title and text of:

Telephone Record and Playback

No ports on the voice server are available for outgoing calls.

IP integration, unity 3.1.5 and CCM 3.2, latest TSP. Everything else seems to work

Checked the ports, they are all checked for everything.

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Re: Media Master problem

Is this Unity system dual-swith by any chance? Was it ever? The MM will try to dial-out on a port that has the same switch ID as the Unity account your logged on with (not necessarily the person's page you're on).

So if you are logged in as Eadmin (that for whatever reason is assigned to switch 0) and you're trying to do a MM record for TestUser1 (that's assigned to switch 1), Unity is going to try to dial out with a port that belongs to switch 0.

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Re: Media Master problem

I see this a lot with systems that were dual switch at one point and are not now.

The trick is if you're logging into the SA with an account mapped via the GrantUnityAccess tool, you're most likely coming in "as" the install account which is hidden in the SA so you can't change it's switch ID to match properly as Steve was mentioning.

The latest version of dbWalker out on (aka will help by reassigning invalid switch IDs to "0" if necessary... this often helps with systems that were originally configured for dual switch (many times not deliberately) and then converted to single switch integrations later.

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