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Media Resource XCODE is decremented by one w/o consuming


Have 28xx series router with one PVDM2-16. Have x4 FXO.

Need to configure XCODE resource registration with CUCM 6.x.

This process has already been successfully completed by me.

But during configuration via ISR CLI I've noticed a little strange thing.

Let me explain.

Before any changes have been made I had test the max capacity of my router.

I said 'conf t | dspfarm profilxe <x> transcode | max sessions ?' and got 6 as value.

Yes, I agree with this right arithmetic because AFAIK:

16 voice channels

- (minus)

4 voice channels for FXO

/ (divide)

2 due to we have x2 (two) ip call legs per xcode session

= (equal)


After that I did the following steps.

1. Configure 'no dspfarm profile 1 transcoder' to again begin from scratch.

2. Then I said 'dspfarm profile 1 transcoder'

3. Then 'max sessions ?' shows me that I've already has 5 sessions in maximum ! Hmmm. I've lost one somehow :)

4. I consecutively made again 1-3 steps and after repeting 'max sessions ?' got already 4 session maximum ?

Please, advice, what is/was happening ?

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