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Meet-me conference using SCCP phone

I have several Polycom Conf phones on a VG224, how can I get them to initiate the Meet-me conference? What is the code that they can dial? Or is there one?


Re: Meet-me conference using SCCP phone

To my knowledge, a phone on an analog port cannot create a Meet-Me Conference. This can only be done from an IP phone.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Meet-me conference using SCCP phone

From further investigation, I was able to findout that most analog devices cannot setup the Meet-me conference. The only ones that can at this time are those that are connected to and ATA device or a Cisco SCCP Conference phone that has a Meet me button on it. There is a Meet-me code **5 that could be placed on the VG224 IOS that would allow the use of any analog device connected to the VG224. But Cisco has not done this. I am in the process of requesting that my Cisco Rep go to Cisco Develpment and place the **5 in the IOS so that it will work.

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