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Meet-me conferences across multiple sites/MRGL's

I have multiple sites using a centralized call processing model. Each site has its own conferencing/transcoding resources which are assigned to a MRG/MRGL for each site. If a user at site A (where the CallManager is) initiates a meet-me conference and several users at site B join that conference, do all the users at site B conference using their own DSP resources then send one stream over the WAN to the meet-me bridge or does each user create a separate stream to the meet-me bridge no matter what site they are at?


Re: Meet-me conferences across multiple sites/MRGL's

The user who creates the meetme bridge is the hardware resources used, and the conf is unicast to each conference party. So each user sends a unicast stream to the conference hardware, then the hardware conference sends a unicast stream ( with the combined users back to each party on the bridge.

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