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Meet me security and features

I just set up a meet me number and is working fine, but is it possible to set up any password to get into a conference ? I don´t want non invited people to get into any conference...

Could the system work with a virtual moderator ? I mean, is it possible to know who is joining or leaving the conference ?

How could I set up the duration of the conference ?

Last question, I tried to join a conference from the outside, but couldn´t dial the conference number, i had to dial an extension number and then do a transfer to the conference number,... is it possible to join it directly from the outside (PSTN) ?

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Re: Meet me security and features


With Meet Me you do not have control over how comes in and out of your Conference Call. If you plan to use and want that functionality you need to look into buy Conference Connection.

I don’t believe you can set a time limit on the conference using only meet me but Conference Connection will be capable of doing it.

You should be able to dial into a meet me number from outside, if the number is a valid did, if it is not and you are dialing into unity's AA then you will need to add a user to Unity with that extension. I would add an Internet user so that you don’t use up a license.

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Re: Meet me security and features

I just setup a system like this-

Create a call handler in unity for each Meet-me

Assign an extension to the call handler, this will be the Meet-me ID number

That call handler has supervised transfer, ask caller's name, Annouce and Confirm selected under call transfer options.

Slect ring subscriber at this extension-

In use this is the flow-

Users call into the auto attendant (main number or one setup just for Meet-mes).

User dials a meet-me ID number (the extension from above).

They are asked to say their name.

Unity calls the meet-me conference, annouces that is on the line, pres 1 to accept or 2 to send to voicemail.

Someone already in the conference can press 1 to accept the call and the caller is attached to the conference.

It would be nice to have more security, but this is pretty good for most implementations.

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