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Meeting Place

Can MP do the following:

The initiator of the meeting has not entered.

Guest are entering a meeting and hear MOH

When initiator enters, it becomes an all speaker meeting and not lecture style



Re: Meeting Place

MeetingPlace lecture-style meetings are based on the concept that there are one or more speakers and the remaining participants are listeners and not granted speaking ability.

While scheduling a lecture-style meeting, the meeting controller can use the Lecture Meeting Attend Settings parameter to specify how they want listen-only participants to attend the meeting. This parameter contains the following choices:

For increased efficiency, it is recommended that you schedule large meetings-any meeting involving more than 100 participants-as lecturestyle rather than "all speaker" meetings. When you schedule large meetings.

Speaking ability is tied to whether or not the floor is open or closed.

If, however, users mute themselves while the floor is closed and enter a breakout session the mute feature will not take effect until the floor is reopened. Therefore, if users return to a main meeting where the floor has been re-opened, they may find that they are still "muted" from their earlier request.

Choice Allows participants to Admit as listeners Automatically enter the meeting through the meeting room with their speaking ability turned off. Meeting controllers can "Open the floor" at any time to allow for general discussion (such as in a town meeting application).

Start callers in waiting room Automatically enter the meeting through the waiting room where they can listen to on-hold music plus any meeting announcements the moderator may have recorded. This option allows speakers to converse in private in the main meeting room before beginning the meeting.

When the moderators are ready to start the meeting they can "Call the meeting to order" and bring all the waiting room participants into the meeting. Participants automatically have their speaking ability turned off until the moderator chooses to "Open the floor".

Start meeting with floor open Automatically enter the meeting through the meeting room with their speaking ability turned on. When the meeting is set to begin, the meeting controller can "Close the floor" and turn off participants' speaking ability. Ensure that all entry/departure announcements are set to Silent and the roll call feature is disabled.

In large lecture-style meetings, when multiple participants initiate a request to ask a question, coordination becomes important. Each request must be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

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