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New Member

meetingplace express cannot web conference

Hi ,

I have install meetingplace express with 7825 box, the version is

I have few question here,

1) Do it need 2 ehternet interface config ?

2) when i try to connect to web conference it is stuck at connecting. I try to test browser , it pass on required component but failed to connect web conference.

3) call me at : not work , i have check calling search space for trunk , it is have right to call , where should i check ?

Please help

Thank in advance



Re: meetingplace express cannot web conference

The SSL Certificates for MeetingPlace Express must be from a trusted CS (Certificate Authority). See section 10-1 of the Administrator's Configuration and Maintenance Guide for Cisco MeetingPlace Express release 1.1. You will need one for the user interface side and one for the Web Conferencing side, they will need to be unique and trusted.

New Member

Re: meetingplace express cannot web conference

Hi, I am experiencing the same problem with the web conference, to breiefly answer your question:

The config for the 2nd ethernet is definitly needed, the system uses interface 0 for voice and admin pages, and interface 1 for web conference.

Apparently both need fully qualified domain names, which I have, but still I get an error when entering the conference room. Any ideas?

Regarding the call me at. It is working for me, didn't really need much, but I am not using a trunk, I used an h.323 gateway instead, and works fine.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Re: meetingplace express cannot web conference

Hi -

If you are running MPE 1.1.1, there is a patch for the web. I believe it had to do with the display software for the web conference (licensing). There is also an upgrade available - all on the voice software page - MeetingPlace Express 1.1.1 hyperlink.


New Member

Re: meetingplace express cannot web conference

Actually MPE 1.1.2 is now out, which running the upgrade and 1.1.2 patch would seem to fix web conference issues according to the README file for the 1.1.2 PATCH:

MeetingPlace Express

Release 1.1.2 Patch 1001

July 06, 2006

Bugs fixed:

CSCsc42040 fcscore crash on using hi-res presentations

CSCse45966 Web conf disconnect after launching 100 web users

CSCsc53239 web doesn't remove participants on a reschedule

CSCsd83877 Unable to remove user from the invitee list during scheduling

CSCsc74092 Browser Test passes, but users not able to get into the web conference

CSCse24519 & CSCse49592 Misleading popup blocker message displayed when joining meeting

CSCse53899 zombie db connections holding lock on csalarmentry table

CSCse57725 CCA: crashes during load test

CSCse19257 (SSL) Unable to generate CSR with a comma in the Organization unit field.

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