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Meetingplace Express PIN

CM already integrated to AD.

Meetingplace Express also configured for auth with AD.

When a user logs in, his profile is automatically created.

According to this link

Table 5-4, it says PIN used for authentication will be the PIN number stored in external directory, which is AD in my case. Where is PIN number stored in AD ?




Re: Meetingplace Express PIN

Hi Sankar -

Check out this link for the plugin to CallManager and Active Directory -

I'm sure the schema attribute associated with the PIN is part of the User's record, just like the DTMFAliasId and such are for Unity attributes. Here are the ldif files used to update the schema:

Active Directory

1. C:\dcdsrvr\run\dcx500\config\AD\at_schema.ldif? Adds the attributes for schema updates

2. C:\dcdsrvr\run\dcx500\config\AD\oc_schema.ldif?Adds the object classes for schema updates

3. C:\dcdsrvr\run\dcx500\config\ContainersAndSysProfiles.ldif?Creates the default containers and system profile

4. C:\dcdsrvr\run\dcx500\config\SpecialUserProfiles.ldif?Creates the profiles for Cisco-specific special users

5. C:\dcdsrvr\run\dcx500\config\SpecialUsers_AD.ldif?Creates the Cisco-specific special users

You can use ADSIEdit to view the cisco attributes for a user as well as inspect the ldif file, for example Unity attributes begin with ciscoescbu followed by the specific name. We are using CallManager's own DC directory for our MeetingPlace Express, otherwise I would have looked for the specific nomenclature for you and posted it here.

Regards, Ginger

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