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MeetingPlace - "Always On" Conference / Multiple Profiles per Host

In MP 8.5 (with WebEx Scheduling), is there a way to create conferences that do not require a host to start them? Basically, we are just looking for a bridge that opens up as soon as the first participant arrives. We have a few hosts who are late for most of their own meetings, but they want the participants to be able to talk until they arrive. We have some conferences set up like this today on an Asterisk server that is dying, and we were hoping to find a way to transition these to MeetingPlace.

I know I can schedule a repeating conference in WebEx, which I think will open up without a host having to start it. I haven't looked at the scheduling options too closly, but I noticed that you could schedule meetings up to 12 hours long. Maybe I can schedule two of those per day, repeating every day to fix that problem?

Assuming scheduling will resolve that problem, each of the hosts have 3 or 4 meeting numbers with the current system, and I can't find a way to give a specific user multiple Meeting IDs/Profile Numbers (or if this is even possible). Plus, they don't want to change from the meeting numbers they have now, and the Profile Numbers that WebEx generates seem to be random (can I just change these in MeetingPlace? Or are they read only/does that break stuff?). I figure I must be missing something somewhere... Any help would be appreciated.

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