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MeetingPlace Video usage of Conference ports / licenses

I have a MeetingPlace 5.4 install i just completed for a customer with the following components:

CallManager 4.2(3) PUB & SUB

MeetingPlace 8106 Audio Server, configured for Pure IP environment

MeetingPlace 5.4 Web Server / Video Integration on an MCS 7845 / H2

meetingPlace 5.4 Video Admin on an MCS 7845 / H2

MeetingPlace H.323 / IP Gateway on an MCS 7835 / H2

IPVC 3545 MCU with (3) EMP cards for video

Cisco 2821 IOS Gatekeeper

this install was designed with MP Video to support 67 sites with Tandberg endpoints. (I didn't design it?) Everything seems to work just fine, but, when we tried to run a capacity test today, I went to set up the meeting and add 67 Video Callers, the meeting setup was rejected with the following error:

Error:[12843] There are not enough video resources available to schedule your meeting

Error:[22929] Failed to shcedule a video meeting

What I want to know is this:

As far as licenses, I currently have the following....30 Conference licenses

Does there need to be additional licenses added to accomodate the video callers?

BTW, in MeetingTime, I have "Max. Ports per meeting" set to 30 and, when I try to change it, it rejects the change as well.

please advise?


Internal name Count License Code Comment

---------------- ----- -------------------- ---------------------------------------------

accessports 90 70905031C89B6CB094ED Max simul active PSTN/VoIP ports

calendar 1 F0901041D9B32E087AD1 If Outlook integrated with MP (1=yes)

confports 30 20408031D9D20452B10D Max voice conf attendees at a time

dataconf 85 E030A011CBB0C956B3D5 Max data conf attendees at one time

directory 1 B020C06120FD168D5CAE If MP can sync w/ ext dir service (1=yes)

exchg dataconf 0 10B0C0319DD050491FBF If MS Exchange dataconf is enabled (obsolete)

fax 0 30A0A04155496C3E2A4A If Fax gateway is active (obsolete)

flexmenus 0 E090B051EC4D3684E2B9 If user can config flex VUI menus (1=yes)

languages 1 C0B0A0C1B8100D99A213 Max simul spoken languages allowed

mndata 30 E070D041D612DFE78FCC Max users of MeetingNotes

mprmrecording 0 90C0D0210A641838AA20

mpvideo 1 F0B0A051F66BAB6FEF1C If MP can connect to Video MCUs (1=yes)

msmail 0 0090B061EE1A9FF98792 If Meeting notify via MSMAIL (MAPI)(obsolete)

multiunit 0 E020D0F1A0FC5D428C4C If MPs can be networked (PCI only) (1=yes)

netmgt 1 F0B0D0C1C42DDEDB9DD2 If SNMP alarms allowed (1=yes)

notes calendar 0 C030E0B1320776F724A4 If MP is integrated w/ Lotus notes (1=yes)

notification 30 C0B020F14D69D307DFB1 If meeting notify via Outlook (1=yes)

recording 30 E0609021052F0AB5EDA4 Max simul audio recordings

sametime 0 20300031ABCA213493A7 If Sametime can schedule meetings (obsolete)

shadow 1 1040D041CB26DEE3B4C0 If MP has a shadow server (1=yes)

smtp 1 A0401051E9BF57733532 If meeting notify via SMTP email (1=yes)

voting 0 0000E011F927DDE19394 If meeting polling feature enabled (1=yes)

web 2 3050C0213E725847124E If meeting polling feature enabled (1=yes)

workstations 6 A0E07011A194DFE0A673 Max simul MeetingTime connects

New Member

Re: MeetingPlace Video usage of Conference ports / licenses

I was just troubleshooting a video issue recently, and although our problems were different, I learned a few troubleshooting tools.

1. Go on your MCU and see if you can schedule Video meetings directly on the MCU, just to see if that piece works.

2. If that is working, go on your Video Admin web interface and go under Admin/Resource the MCU tab and then click on the link to the MCU. There is an Update button down there. Click the Update button, then try again.

What I have discovered is if that at any point your restart your MCU and don't click that Update button after, the Video Admin will get out of sync with the MCU and not be able to schedule Video.

So that is something to try to start with.

New Member

Re: MeetingPlace Video usage of Conference ports / licenses

I found the issue. Apparently there is issues with the version of Video Admin I was using and how it DIDN'T support high resolution video for the Service prefix settings. TAC recommended I combine MCU v5.1.2 with Video Admin and Video Integration 5.4.204 to allow ALL of the available ports to register from the MCU and it's EMP cards. It's basically a failed sync of the transcoding that takes place on the MCU.