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MeetMe between partitions?

We have a number of CSS/Partions representing different offices. We use Translation Patterns to allow users to simulate access codes to the other offices.

This works well and to my surprise it even works with Meetme. Almost. If the MeetMe conference is started using the access codes, then people only seem to be able to join it if they also use the access code, even callers using the same CSS that the MeetMe is part of.

Any thoughts?

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Re: MeetMe between partitions?

File a bug with the Technical Assistance Center. Should they respond that this is working as expected, ask them to file a ddts as sev6.

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Re: MeetMe between partitions?

kind of a kludge... but if you make the meetme pattern include the access code eg 7100x (where 7 is the access code) and create a CTI route point representing "local" meetme number in the offices internal pt eg 100x with cfa/cfb/cfna to the meetme pattern it should work by dialing w/ or w/o the access code from the local site and with the access code from other sites

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