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Meetme Conference problem

I have a customer that's having problems with their MeetMe Conference.

They create a meetme conference at...say extension 500. Someone calls in from an outside line and connects to the conference. That works fine.

When the person who originated the conference hangs up, and the external person doesn't, that conference is still active. Only problem is internal people can't connect - they get a busy signal. External people can call in and connect and hear each other fine though.

Is this normal? I've been digging around trying to find out how to change the settings on this but I haven't found anything.

What's happening is while the conference is active, and someone from the outside connects

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Re: Meetme Conference problem

Hi Jake,

Unfortunately, this is working as expected :(

That is why you can't find any settings to change to prevent this. Have a look;

Initiating a Meet-Me Conference Bridge

Meet-me conferences require that a range of directory numbers be allocated for exclusive use of the conference. When a meet-me conference is set up, the conference controller chooses a directory number and advertises it to members of the group. The users call the directory number to join the conference. Anyone who calls the directory number while the conference is active joins the conference. (This situation applies only when the maximum number of participants that is specified for that conference type has not been exceeded and when sufficient streams are available on the conference device.)

When you initiate a meet-me conference by pressing Meet-Me on the phone, Cisco CallManager considers you the conference controller. The conference controller provides the directory number for the conference to all attendees, who can then dial that directory number to join the conference. If other participants in a meet-me conference press Meet-Me and the same directory number for the conference bridge, the Cisco CallManager ignores the signals.

The conference controller chooses a directory number from the range that is specified for the conference device. The Cisco CallManager Administrator provides the meet-me conference directory number range to users, so they can access the feature.

**A conference continues even if the conference controller hangs up.**

From this 4.1(3) doc;

This is still applicable with CCM 5.0(2);

If this is a concern, perhaps you should look into Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express which has some good features like "End Meeting" and;

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express has the following security features:

In-session meeting controls-Meeting owners can change Web conferencing permissions, specify announced entry and departure, require passwords, lock the meeting, and eject unwanted attendees.

Meeting administrators have a rich tool set in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express including:

Meeting configuration-Capacity management, overbooking, maximum and default meeting sizes, maximum and default meeting lengths, meeting ID guard times, meeting extension, meeting warnings, minimum meeting password length, advance scheduling limit, meeting and recording purging, minimum meeting ID length, vanity meeting IDs, and reservationless parameters

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Meetme Conference problem

Hi Jake,

I am also struggling with the same issue and completely aggree with what Rob stated.

I would just like to add something to this -

Under "Meet-Me Number/Pattern Configuration Settings" configuration there is an option called - "Minimum Security Level".

You can have following levels -

•*Authenticated* to block participants with nonsecure phones from joining the conference.

•*Encrypted* to block participants with authenticated or nonsecure phones from joining the conference.

•*Non Secure* to allow all participants to join the conference.

This might help you altleast keep the outside callers kicked away, however if you have an internal user who meets the configured security level the user can still join the conference.

Source : CCM Admin Guide 6.1.

You can refer to Communications Manager Security Guide 6.1 for details on configuring authentication and encryption.

I still feel and strongly agree with Rob that MeetingPlace Express or MeetingPlace would be the perfect solution. But there is other side to it that the customer would not be willing to make additional investment on MPE/MP and will have to live with what is available on UCM.

-> Sushil