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Meetme conference queries


Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on this. When we set up a Meetme for extensions 100X, anyone would be able to dial into this conference and listen quietly without anyone knowing.

I have tot of tying a CMC/FAC to these extensions but we can only do that for route patterns rite?

Is there any other workarounds anyone can think of?



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Re: Meetme conference queries


Is not posible to assign code (FAC or any other) to meet-me conference in any CCM version.

The only thing you can do ( for IP Phone internal User only) is a back to back T1/E1 FXO/FSX that reenrute a call Back to CCM. This trick would be only available for internal user because FAC tone are only for SCCP IP phone.

For this,Cisco recommends Meeting Place.



Re: Meetme conference queries

If you are also using Unity you could force the external callers through a Call Handler that does an attempt transfer with annunciate, then Unity would announce to the conference the name of the caller.

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Re: Meetme conference queries

One thing would be to allow access to the Meet Me number parition only to authorized users. The problem would be what if the users want to use meet-me at other times, it could be nightmare managing seperate meet-mes.

If you have CRA you could create a script where only autorized users would have access to the meet-me.


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Re: Meetme conference queries

Hi Chris, Alex and jbouwkamp,

Thanks for your suggestions.

Looks like there isn't a nicer way to do this.

Think I would recommend to have a list of meetme numbers and add them to the CCM only when users request for it. And it would have to be deleted when they completed the meetme.

Best for security but troublesome for administrator.

Thanks all again.


Re: Meetme conference queries

My first suggestion would have been the the Unity or CRS approach others have mentioned. But if you are looking for something like FAC, you do have an option.

You can place the meetme numbers in a partition that nobody can access. And you can use a translation pattern rather than a CMC/FAC to get to the meetme. Give only the translation pattern a CSS that includes the Meetme.

The number you give the TP could be combination of pin-number.meetme#. For example, suppose today's pin number is 12345 and the meetme is 100X. Then create a TP that is 12345.100X, place this in a public partition, and use pre-dot digit stripping.

Then, when you want to secure this, change only the pin portion. If you want to remove this, change the TP partition to something not available. Much easier to manage that creating/ removing meetme numbers.

Just a thought. Let me know if this helps by rating the post.


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Re: Meetme conference queries

We just route meetme access through an attendant, but if you're really paranoid, and can stand some setup overhead, you could assign the meetme number for a specific conference to a CSS to which only the conference originator had access, and then publish the originator's DN. A caller would call the originator's number, and the originator could then blind-forward the call to the conference if he wanted to.

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