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MeetMe enhancement

I brought this up with our account team, but have not gotten any feedback, so I thought I'd see if the community hear sees any value in the request.

We'd like to see the MeetMe service function a little differently, in that when a user mashes the MeetMe button, they get directed to the first available number.

We expect our users to have a hard enouhg time remembering the range assigned to the MeetMe conferences, but if they have to wade through a number of busy conferences.

Any chance that this would be considered? Is there anything we can do to make CCM behave this way?

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Re: MeetMe enhancement

You mean it would display the number on the phone for a time, the same way that "Call Park" does?

It's a good idea for "ad hoc" conferences, but then wouldn't you just use "Conference" for that?

I would have thought that when people use "Meet Me" it's because they want to pre-arrange the conference call and give the number to the other people who will need to dial in.

At the top of our wishlist for "Meet Me" would be the ability to reserve numbers for a block of time, maybe through a web page, and most importantly to assign a PIN number so that you can control who has access to the call.

Re: MeetMe enhancement

This is exactly what conference connection does. You use a web page to reserve a meeting at a certain time for a certain number of participants on a certain DDI number and they use a certain PIN to access the conference.

It sounds like there are an awful lot of people who do not talk to their account managers or their account managers have no idea what they are doing.

Don't forget Cisco are a good marketing company, and I believe that it's marketing that drive certain features. I bet there was a meeting that went like this.

Engineering: We have this really cool feature that allows us to book conferences and dial into them

Marketing: How much can we charge?

Engineering: Well nothing, it's just something we came up with over lunch and took 2 hours

Marketing: So how much can we charge?

Engineering: Well I suppose we could give people a basic version for free and charge them for all the usefull add ons

Marketing: Sounds good, How much can you cripple it before we can charge

Engineering: We can make it work without any security and any logical allocation of resources

Marketing: And then have a chargeable product to add those bits back in?

Engineering: sure

Marketing: Sounds good, let's go with that.

Now this may be how it went or maybe not, but it's certainly the way the product works, lots of tempters to get you to upgrade. Talk to your account managers about conference connection


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Re: MeetMe enhancement

We have conference connection. It works.

We have a need for a block of reservable, security-free, bridges. With numbers

that are consistent.

And we have to deal with a user community that is resistant to change.

I do like the Conference Connection, and it fills a big hole in our conferencing needs. Ad-hoc conferences could not be any easier, and work for small numbers of callers.

For spur of the moment, moderately crowded conference needs, MeetMe would be perfect except for the lack of user-friendly setup.

I created the MeetMe bridges, I don't always remember the number pattern. I set up a block of 10 numbers, and when the feature does become popular, looking for a free bridge might mean the user needs to mash MeetMe and enter a number half a dozen times.

So, yew we would like it to work similar to Call Park. No PIN, so scheduling, just enough intelligence to allow the users to access it without cussing about how IT continues to make their life miserable.

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