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Megacom Route Group Redundancy

I have a customer asking an interesting question about how to set up backup PRI's for a new AT&T megacom Long Distance PRI that was recently installed.

Currently, the PRI is configured as an MGCP gateway. In order for the gateway to support megacom, the customer is required to set the Route Pattern to use a "Network Service Protocol" of "PRI4ESS" and "Network Service" of "Long Distance".

The problem is that the customer would like to make this line the primary for LD calls with overflow going to their existing local PRIs. The local PRI's are MGCP 5ESS gateways and do not require the additional settings of the MEGACOM LD circuits. Since the LD route pattern is inserting information that the local gateways can't interpret, the calls are failing when routed to the local PRI's.

I've considered recommending the MEGACOM circuit be configured as H323 so we can configure MEGACOM settings in the router rather than the route pattern, but I am not sure that the calls will overflow from the h3232 gateway back to the CallManager as MGCP gateways do.

Any suggestions or ideas appreciated!


Re: Megacom Route Group Redundancy

Create two dialer interfaces, one for each isdn-backup-destination. Assign these interfaces to the dialer-pool used by the pri-serial. Have dialer 1track status of leased-line1-serial and have dialer 2 track status of leased-line2-serial.

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