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Memory utilization on Unity question.

For monitoring purposes, what should the threshold be set for on a Unity server (MCS-7835), a percentage of physical memory or total (includes virual) memory? The monitoring agent vendors just say 90% of physical memory. CallManager and Unity seem to use memory diffferently than "normal" servers. I have a Unity server with 2 gigs of physical memory and 4 gigs of total memory. 2.3 gig is being used now. Is this a problem? Where can I find information on how Unity uses memory and what becomes a problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: Memory utilization on Unity question.

One thing to look at is this doc:

Having physical memory used up can cause some performance impact, depending on how busy your system; if virtual memory gets used up the system is done, so that needs to be monitored more carefully in my opinion. Assuming you don't have Win2k Advanced server, you only have up to 2GB per process of Virtual memory (+2GB for system use, but that won't help us). Our recommendation is to plan on scheduling a reboot if the AvCsMgr process gets near 1.65GB or things may get unstable.

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