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Meridian Mail Key Strokes

Hi <br><br>Is there anyway to alter the message retrieval key strokes on Unity to ape those of Meridian Mail? In particular the (potential) customer wants to press 72 for new message retrieval.<br><br>I've noticed that there are key settings called OptConv1.ini can I use these in anyway? <br><br>Potential sale so any help would be gratefully appreciated<br><br>jim<br><br>


Re: Meridian Mail Key Strokes

They key presses defined in the INI file are only those active when you're actually in the message stack listening to new messages (i.e. the keys that advance, skip back, delete, save, etc...). These keys are only active during this part of the conversation, not in the main subscriber conversation (i.e. where you'd press "72" for new messages instead of "1").

Further, just changing the INI file isn't sufficient even if you just want to change the message retrieval key mapping because, of course, all the prompts would still be recorded to say "to save, press 1, to delete press 3..." etc... which would be highly confusing. When you select the optional conversation (which roughly maps to some Octel conversation key mappings for message retrieval actions) it activates an alternate set of prompts to handle this as well. This is where most of the work on our end is involved in generating these types of things.

For what you want, however, there no way to emulate their old system's key mappings for that part of the conversation I'm afraid.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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