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Merits of Using Call Manager in Contact Center


I have a question that I am sure pops up all the time:

what IS the benefit of introducing Call Manager in a call center?

So far, from all the presentations and expos I have gathered the following:

1. Economic benefit

1.1 We can save money if we have multi-site call center and therefore we can use datanetwork to transfer calls from site A to site B.

1.2 We can save money on maintenance fees, because it is cheaper to run Call Manager than a PBX

2. Physical Benefit

2.1 We can painlessly change sitting arrangements

But, so far when I approach call centers, I am told something like this:

Yes, PBX is expensive, but:

- PBX maker is already offering VoIP solution plug-in, so we can replace our PBX with the same maker's VoIP solution and ensure that our CTI and CRM is not affected. At the same time, we can reduce the risk of introducing a totally new system (Cisco CM) by having a clearly outlined migration path offered by our current PBX maker. So, unless Cisco CM can reduce our operating costs by over 50% compared to the the saving offered by using our current environment, we would rather opt out of it.

So, here is my dilemma:

our target market consists of both new contact centers and existing contact centers. I can imagine new contact centers using Cisco CM, but what about existing contact centers? The existing contact centers that can afford Cisco CM are the ones that have money, thus usually they are:

- big

- have extensive CRM

- have a very strong and integrated CTI

so they would never risk their current operational strability for a meager 50,000 to 100,000$ dollar saving.

How can Cisco CM be introduced into a such environment? Someone was suggesting to use Cisco CM for a satellite sites, where the main site remains using PBX and all the new sites are added using Cisco CM, but then if you think about CTI and CRM aspect of such a layout, I do not see a viable way to do it.

Can someone please share with me their thoughts about: how to sell Cisco CM to an existing call center, as well as benefits that such an integration can offer? I was looking for concrete dollar figure examples in CCO but could not find anything...

Thanks in advance,


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