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Message and Greeting not recorded

Hi, I have just installed a new Unity 3.13 with all suppported service packs and the server is also running E2k. The site also contains two other E2k servers that the users mailboxs are on that were their prior to the Unity. All was working well until the Active Directory server had a problem today loosing policy settings (user rights assignment) I think and since then Unity is not working properly. I was able to check the permissions on the group policy for the Domain Controllers and found one permission missing. I have since re added that permission and the Unity server now starts up.<br><br>The problem seems to be that when a voice message is left for a user and the user tries to retreive it they hear nothing, no message is recorded. User is able to login but not able to hear messages or even record greeting, it seems like you record ok but when you playback you hear nothing. We are looking at restoring the Active Directory but wondering if there is anything else I could try first. Any thoughts on where else I should look, Thanks in advance.<br><br><br>

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Re: Message and Greeting not recorded

If the user is able to login, then most of the AD is probably doing fine. If you are not able to record, you might be having one way audio issues. Check out -

If something messed up in permissions, you could always use the permissions wizard available at

Also check the event log to see if there are errors from Unity in there.

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems

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