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Message delivery when IMS working directory moved

Hi,<br>I had a site that complained that voice messages were not getting delivered to other sites. Turns out that the D drive died and was replaced a couple of days prior to the reported problem. After replacing the disk the tech ran Exchange Performance Optimizer and accepted default settings which included moving the IMS working directory from C drive to D. I found that the voice messages were stuck in C:\exchsrvr\IMCData\Pickup. I initially tried uninstalling the IVC and upon reinstallation found that the install program identified the IMS on D. I verified the IMS root directory location in the registry was on D which is when the tech told me of the Optimizer being run after the drive replacement From what I can surmize and from searching the registry the IVC doesn't check the location of the IMS after initial installation and is therefore unaware of changes made when Optimizer is run post-IVC install. Is this a known issue?<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>

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Re: Message delivery when IMS working directory moved

This is not a known issue, but then we have not had that many people try things with the IVC installed on the machines.
You might have just discovered a defect in the Unity IVC. Please contact TAC and have it added into the Cisco defect database.
Is your system working now?

Anil Verma
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