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Message Drop Center in Unity?

On our current voicemail system users can dial a number and get to a message drop center, then they just dial the extension they want to send the message to, record it, then just send it. I know you can do this right now if you go into your VM box and take the option, but I know that alot of people will complain when we switch over because there are too many steps to do this with Unity. Any ideas?

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Re: Message Drop Center in Unity?

Also when you want to transfer a call directly to someones voicemail instead of ringing their ext and then going to voicemail.

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Re: Message Drop Center in Unity?

If you are using a CallManager as your PBX you could build a phantom CTI route point that forwards to the Unity under all conditions. At that point you could build a CallHandler or Subscriber box with that extension number. Record a greetings that says, "please dial the extension you wish to leave a message for followed quickly by #2" The #2 is a transfer override and will bring personal greeting for that mailbox.

Right now Unity does not have the ability to configure a callhandler to choose whether or not to tranfer or bring on personal greeting (like an CallXpress from Captaris). It is defined by the subsriber call transfer section. Thankfully, they put the #2 in there.

If you are not using Callmanager, then you need to find out how to build a phantom extension in the legacy PBX you are using. In NEC land they are called virtuals, in Siemens land that are called phantoms, etc etc etc.

Hope this helps

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