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Message Light Indicator

I am using Call Manager version 3.01 along with Unity 2.4. The problem is the message indicator is taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute to update on the phone after I check my email (that is a voice mail). The same is true for updating after I have check my email. I can go thru Unity Admin, Switch option and do a manually re-synch and the update is within seconds. Is there a setting anywhere I can adjust the timers on? I currenty have only three phones and three email boxes defined so traffic is not an issue.<br><br>


Re: Message Light Indicator

No, there's no timer you can set. The Notifier is normally very quick (within a second or two) about triggering a lamp when your mailbox state changes. You can toggle a voice mail message from read to unread and expect a pretty quick lamp response.

the only time I see delays is if lamps are being done analog and the ports to do that are busy... not the case here. I'm not sure why there'd be a delay in triggering the lamp request. We'd need to turn some notifier traces on to see what's happening under the covers... our support folks can help you out doing that.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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