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Message Notification doesn't hear touch tones

I have a situation where I have Unity 3.0 integrated with CCM 3.0. I have Message Notification in Unity setup to call a cell phone when I receive a message. I get the call on my cell, but when I attempt to login with my extension, Unity cannot hear the touch tones.<br><br>I have a 2621 router as a gateway with a PRI to the PSTN. I have dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric enabled on the VOIP Dial peer. When I initiate a call from my cell into Unity and get into my main greeting, Unity does recognize the touch tones, but not when Unity calls me. Any ideas of what the problem can be?<br><br>


Re: Message Notification doesn't hear touch tones

I bet you're not matching the correct dial-peer on the return voip leg of the call. Try adding the command 'incoming called number .' to any of the voip dial-peers with dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric.


Keith Chambers
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Re: Message Notification doesn't hear touch tones

You were right, Keith. I didn't even have a dial-peer setup for these calls. I had one setup with a destination pattern of 7 digits, because that's what is coming from the PSTN when an inbound call is made, I never thought about what happens when an outbound call is made and the CLID is only 4 digits. I created a Dial-peer with 4 digits as the destination pattern and it works fine now. Thanks.


Re: Message Notification doesn't hear touch tones

WIth some of the our cell phone users (when they are logged in to unity), they could not change between name dialing and extenstion dialing by using '##" sign. Unity system behaves like it does not recognize ## code. . Do you have simillar conditions ..?

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