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Message notification to external number

We are running Unity integrated with CallManager 3.0(7).<br><br>Message notification works fine for internal numbers (i.e., four digit extensions of the CallManager), but message notification fails to all external numbers. We have tried the following:<br><br>- External POTS lines as well as cell phones<br>- Checked that dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric is enabled<br>- Check routing restrictions<br>- Tried the external numbers with and without the leading 9 required to get an outside line with CallManager<br>- Tried with and without pauses (",") between the 9 and the external number<br>- Ensured that enough Unity ports are enabled for message notification<br>- Checked that calls forwarded directly from CallManager to these same external numbers work (ie, making sure that CallManger can reach these numbers)<br>- Checked the Unity port configuration on CallManager (UOne ports) -- they conform to the standards shown in the installation documentation.<br><br>It seems that Unity just cannot initiate external calls – only internal. CallManager can make these calls.<br><br>As a work-around, I can forward message notifications to a dedicated internal number and then forward all calls on that number to the desired external number, but this is cumbersome and a waste of internal DNs.<br><br>I am stumped. Any ideas?<br><br>Thanks in advance.<br><br>Jack Long<br><br><br>


Re: Message notification to external number

Are you using calling search spaces and partitions? If so, you can check to make sure the uOne ports have a calling search space assigned that looks in the partition which allows external PSTN access.


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Re: Message notification to external number

We don't use calling search patterns or partitions. All of our 7960 phones are set-up with "None" as the setting for both of these items.

Any other ideas?



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