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Message notification (Unity 4.0(5))


message notification doesn't work while i can leave msgs in mailbox ?

when i call MWI DNs it led is on red.

Please if someone can help me !


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Re: Message notification (Unity 4.0(5))

Hi Abdazdoud,

I'm not sure what version of CCM you are running with Unity, but here are some docs that might help:

Cisco Unity Troubleshooting Guide (With Microsoft Exchange), Release 4.0(5)

Message Waiting Indicators (MWIs)

Cisco Unified CallManager

CallManager 4.0(x) Voice Mail Port Creation with Unity Voice Mail (NON-FAILOVER)

Cisco Unity

Integrating Cisco Unity and CallManager

Cisco CallManager Administration Guide, Release 4.1(3)

Message Waiting Configuration

If I had to guess I would say from your description that it may be a problem with either the CSS or Partition assigned to the MWI ports. That is why you can dial the MWI On/Off from the phone but the MWI ports can't.

Calling Search Space

If partitions and calling search spaces are used, from the drop-down list box, choose a calling search space that includes the partitions of the DNs on all phones whose lamps you want to turn on (the partition that is defined for a phone DN must be in a calling search space that the MWI device uses).


If partitions are being used, choose the appropriate partition from the drop-down list box. If you do not want to restrict access to the message-waiting device directory number, choose for the partition.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Message notification (Unity 4.0(5))

Hello Rob,

I think that my configuration in callmanager is correct. i have two global partition : PN0 for phone (logout) and PN1 for profiles (when users logged). i have added PTTVM for voice mail and CSS_VM witch contain in order : PN1,PN0,PTTVM.

I have also added : pilot number, voial mail ports, MWI in the PTTVM partition with CSS_VM.

In the unity i have just added one subscriber account and i didn't change anythings in the message notification page !

Please any ideas ?

Thanks for help.


Re: Message notification (Unity 4.0(5))

If you use Unified messaging, please check exchange.

If your exchange is fine.... please double check CSS and Partition.

The quickest way is that add all patition that you created... and add the CSS. Assign that CSS to the phone and test it.

Sometimes, Unity lock some ports, so reboot your unity. Also, go to UTIM to double check.. make sure you have port for notification.

If you upgrade your CCM lately, please install the new TSP according CCM matrix.



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