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Message Notification?

Is there a way to configure message notification if an external caller just dials a number within the company?

A customer has a fire alarm that, when triggered, it will dial a number on their VOIP system. The line connected to the fire alarm is a standalone line. The customer wants to get notified via email and text message when the alarm is triggered.

We'll call the internal number 555-555-9999 and the fire alarm line 555-555-1111. When the alarm is triggered, it rings 555-555-9999 and is supposed to leave a message. I tested the message notification in Unity and got it working but when we started doing actual testing today, we found out the fire alarm doesn't transmit enough audible notes to created a message in Unity. Thus, the message notification is never triggered.


Re: Message Notification?


So is the mailbox hanging up because of no audio? Or is the alarm call the one actually hanging up the call? Might be settings in Unity to adjust the minimum audio but not sure. You could try an alternate way of getting the message. Try doing this instead.

1. Create an Interview Handler, assign the DN you are using for Unity to pickup this call.

2. Add 1 question with blank recording and make the minimum message length 1 second.

3. Set the Caller response options to Deliver response to Subsciber and select the subsciber mailbox you are using for message notification(ex. EMER-MAILBOX).

4. Set the After interview action to Hangup.

5. Go to the subscriber mailbox, EMER-MAILBOX and Message Notification tab. Set the notifications for Text Pager 1.

6. Lastly the email should already send to the subscriber mailbox you want but if you would like to forward to multiple emails then set a forward on mailbox in the mailstore or on Deliver response in Interview Handler set it to a Distribution List instead.

I haven't tested this, it's mainly just a suggestion in hopes that Interview Handler handles messages differently then the standard mailbox, which obviously isnt working for you.

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Re: Message Notification?


Thanks for the reply. To be honest I'm not sure what's causing the mailbox to hang up. If anyone calls from a cell or another phone in the office, they can leave a message and the notification works. Even if they call and hang up after 1 second, it still works.

For whatever reason the audible tones this fire alarm system generates isn't enough to create a message.

Either way, I'll try using the configuration you mentioned above. Sounds like it might work so I'll have the customer try tomorrow.



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