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I have some problems with the notification feature:<br><br>1. Notification to a mobile Phone:<br>Following settings:<br>Wait for how many rings before hanging up?: 3<br>Try again how many times? : 0<br>How many minutes to wait between tries? : 15<br><br>The result:<br>Unity calls my mobile Phone and let it ring until the mailbox is answering, and than it is talking to the mailbox. <br><br>2. Notification to an IP-Phone:<br>The same settings like the mobile Phone and the result is:<br>Unity calls the IP phone, let it ring 3 times and hang up.<br>So far so good but after a few seconds Unity calls again and repeat this for 5 times!<br><br>Any idea?<br><br><br><br>


Re: message notification

The first problem sounds like a call progress issue, which is tricky. If we don't get an accurate count of how many rings have transpired it wont respect the 3 ring limit. For the pager device being used do you have the "try to detect connection" box checked?

The 2nd problem sounds like we're following default behavior. At the very bottom of the notification page there's a section for "if device is busy" and "if device does not answer". By default I think we try again 4 times before giving up. If you don't want us to try again if we get RNA, you can set this to 0. There SHOULD be a 15 minute wait between attempts by default but I believe there's an outstanding bug on this value not being used in all cases...

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Re: message notification

> For the pager device being used do you have the "try to
> detect connection" box checked?
Yes and the result ist the same with checket box and with out.

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