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Message retrieval held & goes to Opening Greeting

We are using Call Manager 3.1(2c) and Unity 2.4.6 135. It happens quite frequently where a person is retrieving their voice mail messages and another call comes in to them. They instinctively press the ringing line button to answer the incoming call which causes their Unity call to go on hold. If they don't get back to the Unity call it will eventually get sent to the Opening Greeting. Consequently the Opening Greeting is not answered and the call is sent to the Operator. She answers the call and hears our Music on Hold, gets irritated, hangs up the phone and complains to me. Is there any way to not send a Voice Mail Retrieval call that doesn't get any response to the Opening Greeting? I would rather just let the call be eventually disconnected.<br><br>Thank you,<br>Todd Pingel<br><br>


Re: Message retrieval held & goes to Opening Greeting

Currently the exit destination from the subscriber conversation is not adjustable... it's hard coded to go to the openeing greeting created by setup during install. This causes a few problems (including yours) and I'd like to see it be configurable on a per user basis. This is on deck as part of the larger tenant services support work being planned for but nothing on the short term radar to keep this from happening in your case I'm afraid.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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