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message retrieval over the phone

Hello. One of our Unity (2.4.5) subscribers seems to be getting her email announced on voicemail. She has adjusted the settings in the 'Message Playback' section and I checked them in the Admin Browser tool under 'Conversation'. Everything seems in order - the only box checked states "announce number of new voice<br>messages", which I believe will only announce voicemails and nothing else. No other box is checked. Any idea why she would still be getting emails announced over Unity voicemail? Also, keep in mind that nobody else seems to be having this problem, and that she does not have Outlook configured to receive return receipts. Also, I have called TAC and they have told me that this is the way the system works with unified messaging - there is no way for Unity to distinguish between vmail, email, and fax over the phone. If this is the case, then why is the option given in the Browser to 'announce only new voicemail', and why don't other people seem to be having a problem? <br><br>Thanks for your help.<br>Regards,<br>Amy<br><br><br>


Re: message retrieval over the phone

you mean the total number of new messages announced includes both voice mail and email messages combined? In other words you're hearing "you have 22 new messages, 7 are voice mail" or something to that effect?

yeah, the SA page is a little less than clear on that, unfortunately, and technically it's broken since we had intended it to work the way you want (this will be fixed in 3.0). We will always give you the total message count based on the message types you can hear given your Class of Service settings. (yeah, that cleared things right up for you...).

If you have a subscriber that has a Class of Servic setting that only lets them get voice mail (i.e. Text to Speach Email and Fax Mail options are not checked on the "licensed features" page of their COS) their total message count will only include voice mail. If they have the TTS option the total will include all email and all voice mail. If you add fax, that number is included... you get the idea. More or less the "Announce total number of new messages" checkbox doesn't do much at this point.

The other checkboxes actually indicate if we break out the specific count for that message type. So if I had TTS and voice mail and fax I migh hear "You have 274 messages, 49 are voice mail, 203 are email, ...". If I removed the checkboxes I should only hear the total message count. Currently we're hard coded to always hit you with the total message count when you come into your mailbox.

Clear as mud?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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