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Message Store Manager

Unity 4.0.3


While using the script "Move messages from inbox to deleted items folder" the "unity dumptser" folder is getting created under the inbox. Is there a way to prevent this? I'm not using the untiy dumpster just want to be able to delete messages older than x days and send to deleted items folder.


Cisco Employee

Re: Message Store Manager

Currently that temporary folder gets created whenever we access your mailbox to do any kind of moving/deleting - it gets used to be able to do the "temporary delete" thing and get messages that we removed back easily.

There isn't any logic in there now to only create the folder if you're using a script that needs it - since this tool was originally designed specifically for voice mail only systems that needed such mailbox management (i.e. their users didn't have easy ways to manage their own inbox visually) there wasn't much concern over creating such folders since users never saw them.

I'll stick a DDTS request in to change this logic to only create that dumpster (be glad we didn't stick with the original "death row" name there...) if you specifically select a script that uses it.

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