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Message Undeliverable

Hi, <br><br>I am now using Unity 3.1(3) version with Exchange 2000 server. If the Exchange server is down, the voice message will be put in queue? Please adv what is the size of the queue and can it be adjustable? Also, what is the retransmission interval as long as the Exchange server return back to normal? And how long the messages will be kept in queue?<br><br>Regards<br><br>


Re: Message Undeliverable

When Exchange is down the messages are queued up on the hard drive in the \Commserver\UnityMTA directory by default. Each message is a pair of files (one with the routing information, one with the actual message). The directory can be moved by changing a registry key if necessary (i.e. if you installed on a partition that doesn’t have a lot of space). The queue will grow as big as the HD will let it. There is no time limit on how long the messages are kept around, they’ll be there as long as necessary.

I’m not sure what the delivery interval is, but it’s pretty quick. When I test it’s pretty much instantaneous when the connection is made however there is logic in there such that it wont deliver more than X messages at a shot then it’ll wait a period of time then deliver X more so we don’t completely dominate the Exchange server we’re connected to if you have a very large number of messages queued up. I’d have to do some checking around to get the specifics here but rest assured it’s pretty fast getting those messages into the system as soon as we know the Exchange server is back on line.

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