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I have deleted a subscriber from Unity, however that subscriber had voicemail messages in their mailbox. Is there a way to retrieve these messages out of voicemail. I would think that the messages would be deleted along with the subscriber, but the indicator light on the phone is on and the voicemail image is flashing beside the line on the phone.<br><br>


Re: Messages

If you removed the person's mail store, their voice messages are gone along with their email... these are stored in the same place.

If you just removed them as a voice mail subscriber and left their Exchange account hanging around, their voice mail will still be around and you should be able to get at them along with your email messages.

In either case (if you deleted their mail account or just removed them as a Subscriber) Untiy isn't going to be monitoring their mail store and sending MWI on/offs based on their message store state any longer. If you delete them as a subscriber we SHOULD send a lamp off code at that time to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen. If you just deleted them as a mail user from Exchange, their lamp is going to stay in whatever state it was left in at the time.

If you want to turn their lamp off and don't know how to do this from the switch (there should be a manual "off" code you can send) you can always recreate the subscriber with that extension number again and then remove it from the system. The very first thing we do when you add a new user is turn their lamp off, then check their mail store to see if it should be turned on again. This way we're sure the lamp is in sync.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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