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MGCP and call waiting

This definitely might sound trivial, but its not working at this time..

I have a Callmanager, IP Phones and 2600 gateway. The gateway has FXO lines to PSTN, each line enabled with Call Waiting feature. The gateway is running MGCP. Each IP Phone is able to receive calls from the PSTN on the appropriate 10 digit number when called from the PSTN.

Each IP phone line number has Call Waiting turned ON. System wide parameter for Call Waiting is also turned ON (TRUE). (Service - > Service Parameters).

I can place the first call to an IP phone, but when the second call is placed, i dont see any indication of the call being received by the phone. THe calling phone keeps hearing rings. If I disconnect the first call, the second calls comes through and the called phone starts ringing.

I checked the trace files in callmanager but did not see any useful information. Is call waiting feature possible with MGCP gateways ? Please input your valuable thoughts.


Re: MGCP and call waiting

This issue still remains unresolved. The reason - ?

Cisco CallManager does not support hook flash to retrieve the second call. Its currently supported only in Callmanager express. With this feature (In a CME environment) a softkey by the name "Flash" will appear on the phones, Using this key the second call can be retrieved.

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