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MGCP and translation pattern

In MGCP router , will translate rule configured on the GW still work?

We set up 8 digits as our extension. For example, ext. 20011234, 1234 is the DID part. So when a call from PSTN , the DID 1234 is routed to this MGCP GW from carrier , obbiously we need translate 1234 to 20011234. This can be done on router and CCM. My question is if I do it in GW, will it work same as in H323. I know H323 for sure works.


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Re: MGCP and translation pattern

With MGCP, translate rule in router will not work. You will need to create a translation pattern to get your DID translated to your 8 digit number.

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Re: MGCP and translation pattern


When useing the MGCP protocol it is a master slave protocol.Callmanager controlls the GW ports that are registered with CM.

If CM says jump the GW says yes master!!

The MGCP GW wont make call routing desicions.

A simple plain text protocol thats easy to understand.

With H.323 it terminates signalling and will process requests as they arrive its a peer-peer protocol using h.225 and h.245 to establish communications and media types.

In a remote site scenario you could set your GW up so that it will be MGCP i.e. CM controllled and if the wan fails the GW will become a H.323 gw and your translation patterns /num-exp will work, as a h.323 GW controlls its ow destiny / interfaces.

The primary reason for using the MGCP protocol in a CM enviroment is callfailover if the primary CM fails and calls are established using a PRi interface

the calls will failover to the secondary CM.

It does by terminating the ISDN l2 signalling on the GW and bachauling L3 information.

The failover CM will query the GW and retrieve the calling information.Phones will re-register with 2nd CM when the call is completed.

One other benifet is centrall administration all the dial-plan is configured on callmanager or whatever call-agent/soft switch you may have.

But yes I think your question was answered in a previous post use traslation patterns in CM you wont have any issues.

I just felt like raving a bit!!!

Allan Wells

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Re: MGCP and translation pattern

Thanks for your answer. If I confiure both H323 and MGCP, which protocol will be used first? As you describered, it seems it's MGCP. I just want to confirm this. Secondly in order to MGCP failover to H323 when WAN failed,is there anything else special I have to configure?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: MGCP and translation pattern


Yes MGCP will have controll.

When fail over is in effect H.323 GW will make routing desicions configure any CoR and other SRST features you use.

Here is a good link for SRST version 3 being the latest.

Have fun : )


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