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MGCP gateway and unity server.

Can you use a MGCP gateway with a unity server. ?

I've been told that only the H.323 gateway is compatible with the unity server.

Cisco Employee

Re: MGCP gateway and unity server.

That information probably came from a issue with MGCP gateways disconnecting the call after 40 seconds.

The workaround is to add the no mgcp timer receive-rtcp command on the mgcp gateway.

Please see Voice Messaging Stops After 30 Seconds

New Member

Re: MGCP gateway and unity server.

I'm using CCM4.1.3. I want to used MGCP as the gateway, as its easy to install. However, my team member claims that H.323 gateway will only work with unity server. I need evidence that this is not the case.

Cisco Employee

Re: MGCP gateway and unity server.

Well, that document that I provided is a workaround for MGCP gateway with Unity. It is a cisco doc, and it is from Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco CallManager, Release 4.1(3)

I found the bug that fixes the MGCP issue:

CSCdw62748 V-mail will be cut off after 40sec if call via MGCP gateway



If the outside call comes via MRP with MGCP protocol and ring a phone with no answer, it will hit Unity and the caller leaves a V-mail. But the V-mail will

be cut off after ~40 sec. when the caller hear "click".

Another MRP running same software but using H.232 protocol has no such problem.



1) Disable RTCP timer in MGCP. Using global config:

router-name(config)#no mgcp timer receive-rtcp

2) Using H.323 protocol instead of MGCP protocol.

I have gateways configured with both MGCP and H.323 that works just fine when I forward calls to the Unity server. I think your team member needs to show proof that H.323 is the only approved method with Unity. However, the best thing you could do is to show him that MGCP does work.

If you think about it, the voice is carried in the RTP stream and Unity doesn't know or care if it was MGCP.

Re: MGCP gateway and unity server.

This was posted in another forum about the MGCP gateway and Unity ports answer. Hope this helps also.

The problem is the DTMF relay on a MGCP gateway. It was set to mode cisco, and we changed to mode out-of-band, and it worked fine. What I don't understand is, this config worked fine until we did the ES update for Unity to fix another issue.

Very strange......It only affected 1 DID number through, other DID worked fine with mode cisco....


Re: MGCP gateway and unity server.

In my previous job we had WS-X6608 T1 blade using MGCP without any Unity issues. WS-X6608 can only use MGCP.

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