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MGCP Gateways failing over every 5 hours and 1 minute

I am having an issue with all of my MGCP gateways failing over every 5 hours and 1 minute. Every 5 hours and 1 minute interval, I see that my last mgcp traffic elapsed time goes to 31 seconds and then they fail over. This happens on both gateways that are local (on the same switch) as the CCMs and at remote sites.

I have this field notice describing a bug in the SATA RAID controller driver for the DL320 G3. This sounds suspciously like what is happening here:

However, we are running OS 2000.4.2SR3 which includeds the driver which is supposedly the fix for this bug. Also, when I watch the %DiskTime, %DiskWrite Time, and PageFaults/sec as described in the symptoms section, I do not see any spike on the %DiskTime and %DiskWrite Time. I do see constant spikes in the PageFaults/sec all day long and they went espcially high (over 3000) at time of failover.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any idea what it might be? Would downloading the driver directly from HP and installing it rather than using the version included with the OS help?



Re: MGCP Gateways failing over every 5 hours and 1 minute

Very good job, please double check the driver version of your system (Affected is is up to date confirming you are using the -6.0.82.exe (Use System Info)

Dont download it from HP, download the driver directly from this page: HP-SATADriver-6.0.82.exe

The corrected driver version is : v6.0.82.0

If everything is ok, i widely recommend you to open a TAC case with us to take a look deeper (Gather CCM|SDL traces Perfmon logs and EV)


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Re: MGCP Gateways failing over every 5 hours and 1 minute

The publisher was fine. However, I found that although the subscriber had been upgraded to 4000-4.2 sr3, it still had the version of the driver. We attempted to install the driver patch from HP-SATADriver-6.0.82.exe, but it caused the Subscriber to blue screen. We could not boot it in safe mode or from the last know good config. TAC had us change a BIOS setting on the subscriber; it was then able to boot. He then had us re-install the driver upgrade and it took. We have now been almost 8 hours without a failover. Thanks.

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