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mgcp ni-1

I have an issue with calling line id and the fix is to go to NI1 however I do not have this option with the 2811 running mgcp vwic 1 mft-t1 as well as viwic 2 mft-t1 what will work as all I have is NI2 and that is the problem


Re: mgcp ni-1

I think you have no option but to move to NI-1.

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Re: mgcp ni-1

Thanks the issue I have now is with NI-1 there is no option on the interface only NI-2


Re: mgcp ni-1

NI-1 is for BRI only. PRI uses NI-2.


National: switch type conforming to the NI-1 standard for BRI and NI-2 standard for PRI (there is no NI-1 standard for PRIs) . If the Telco informs you that the switch type is National, then the Cisco router configuration should be basic-ni (for BRI) or primary-ni (for PRI).

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Re: mgcp ni-1

I agree but on the interface in Callmanager you cannot select NI-1 you have to use NI-2.

According to the telco only 20% use NI-2 on PRI's here in Canada 80% use NI-1..(In their office)

You need to call from NI-1 to NI-1 or NI2 to NI2 to make it all work.. When we call from our site (NI-2) to another location that is NI-1 yhe calling name does NOT work.

The interesting thing is when I called the PDIOO help desk they told e the opposite of what you said NI-1 for PRI and BRI NI-2.

Anyway calling name seems to be getting more complicated up here..

So I am still stuck woth what to set the interface on in Callmanager

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Re: mgcp ni-1

Hi Mike,

Is there anyway you can switch both sides (Telco and CCM) completely to DMS100? I am in Canada as well, and this works well for us.

Hope this helps!


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