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mgcp partial PRI gateway question

I have a crazy mgcp scenario.

When I set up a partial PRI (pri-group timeslots 1-9) on an mgcp gateway using isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager on the serial interface I just see tei-assigned on a show isdn status. When I take isdn bind command off the serial interface I get multiple frame established on the show isdn status, but I can not get calls to IP phones through the PRI. When I put the isdn bind command back on the interface, the show isdn status still shows multiple frame established and I can get calls to the IP phones. But if I shutdown the controller or the serial interface and bring it back up, the calls can not process and the show isdn status show tei-assigned again. If anyone can explain why this happens I would really appreciate it. Thanks


Re: mgcp partial PRI gateway question

normaly ccm is not informed about partial-pri when you use this on the gateway. call-manager assumes the gateway has all channels active.

You must inform the ccm about the partial configuration of b-channels.

1. set "enable status poll" parameter on the ccm. (cc gateway configuration)

2. on the ccm service parameter: change in advanced mode and fill out the "B-Channel Maintenance Status " field.

this could be:

S0/DS1-0@0123456789ABC = 0000 0000 0111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 (32 bits for E1 or 24 for T1).

0-means in Service

1-means out of Service

The signalling channels (15-E1 or 23-T1) are not affected.

good luck..


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Re: mgcp partial PRI gateway question

Thanks Mehmet,

That makes perfect sense to me.

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