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MGCP Registration Reset Every Morning.

I rebooted our Call Manager 4.1(3)3a and our MGCP 2821 Voice Gateway (IOS 124-3b) over the weekend and since then, I have had to reset the gateway every morning. We have a QSIG connection to our Avaya PBX. We have reset the Avaya side and rebooted call manager and the voice gateway again. The gateway registers to call manager when rebooted, but every morning we cannot make calls to through the pbx without having to reset the gateway in call manager. Once reset, everything works fine.



Re: MGCP Registration Reset Every Morning.


Did your problems only start occuring after you rebooted the Callmanager over the weekend? When the problem is occurring, it would be good to get the output of the following commands:

show isdn status

show isdn service

show ccm

Those commands will show if the connection between the gateway and the Avaya are up on the isdn side and the "show ccm" command will show if the gateway is registered to Callmanager.

Since this is an MGCP gateway, every call that is initiated from the gateway towards the Avaya is initiated after the Callmanager sends the gateway a MGCP CRCX message.

From your description though, it appears that communication between the Callmanager and gateway is getting lost somehow since resetting the gateway from Callmanager resolves the problem. That is where I would start my troubleshooting.


Tony Huynh


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Re: MGCP Registration Reset Every Morning.

The problems started after rebooting call manager and the voice gateway. Here is the outputs from the show isdn status/service and show ccm. Thanks.

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Re: MGCP Registration Reset Every Morning.

The issue was that transcoding was setup with too many sessions, therefore there weren't enough dsp resources for the full pri, a mgcp requirement. Dropped the amount of sessions and rebooted the gateway and the full pri was showing. Issue resolved.

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