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mgcp router doesnt accept incoming calls

I have a cisco 3.1 callmanager and a vg200 gateway . i have configured the callmanager for mgcp to use vg200.

i have an fxo card in the vg200 which is terminited to the pbx ( this is only for testing) .

My ip telephone acts just like any other phone connected to the epbax for outgoing calls ( means i can make a call directly to an epbax extension without any prefix) , but when i try calling from my epbax to the ip phone , i get the router`s dial tone and immediately after that an engaged tone .

I have just attached a line from epbax with an extension 37 to the vg200`s fxo port.

Please help me for this total integation.


Re: mgcp router doesnt accept incoming calls

Just like any FXO connection, If it not trunked

to any extension , it would just play you a tone from the session application and

can collect further digits when dialed.

The number assigned to the fxo port on the epbax would only

hit the port and on-going off-hook a secondary dialtone is played.

Try punching in digits after you hear the secondary tone

and see what the call mamanger does with the digit collected.

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