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mgcp router error

I have a 2811 with Version 12.3(14)T2.

there is an ISDN 30 (e1) plugged into this router and frequently all 30 channels are displaying this error message

*Jan 5 14:50:37.251: ISDN Se0/0/0:15 Q931: TX -> RESTART pd = 8 callref = 0x0000

Channel ID i = 0xA98393

Exclusive, Channel 19

Restart Indicator i = 0x80

I have to keep resetting the voice port for them to come back.

any ideas??


Re: mgcp router error

That's a result of something else going on with the PRI, or caused by something going on with MGCP perhaps.

What version of CCM? Can you post the controller and serial interface portions of config, as well as MGCP and ccm-manager portions? If you're not using all the timeslots do you have the Change B-Channel Maintenance Status field set under call manager service paramters for this endpoint so all timeslots aren't used?

How often does this happen? run 'debug mgcp packet' to syslog or buffer when it happens. Also CCM detailed traces so you can see what ccm side is doing at time. On the debug, you may want to disable console/monitor logging and increase the buffer if there is a lot going on, or log it to a syslog server. A lot of debug traffic can have negative impact on router.

Also, post 'show ccm-man' output. That will give some stats for ccm-manager (last failover time, config download info, etc).

I believe 12.3.14T2 is also deferred, and current is 12.3.14T5. I've ran into several issues with MGCP in 14T and 12.4 so there may be a IOS issue perhaps but to early to tell for sure.

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