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MGCP w/ SRST config to not lose ports

I have a router running MGCP with H323 fallback for SRST. When resetting the gateway through CallManager or when the router reregisters, the ports disappear from the dial-peers.

We used to pull out the CCM-MANAGER CONFIG command to help aleviate this, but now with the latest CallManager versions and router IOSes, some things no longer work right when you remove the CONFIG command.

Is there a trick to maintain the MGCP/H323-SRST config, keep the CONFIG command, and NOT lose the ports out of the dial-peers?


Re: MGCP w/ SRST config to not lose ports

can you post your config (mgcp/ccm-manager/dial-peer/callmanager-fallback)

it sounds very unusual tho

keep in mind that you will never retain ective calls on failover, as L3 is backhauled to CCM

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Re: MGCP w/ SRST config to not lose ports

The problem is this:

Lets say you have a PRI at 0/0

For SRST/H323 to push calls out of the PRI, you have to have a dial-peer that matches something likt 9T and pushes the calls out the PRI with a PORT 0/0:23 command in the dial peer.

When the MGCP gateway registers with CCM, CCM will usually reconfigure all the ports... which you can see the reconfig on the console as all the ports go down and then up.

When the PRI gets reconfigured, the PORT 0/0:23 line gets removed out of the dial-peer used for the outbound calls in SRST mode.

Then when the gateway does actually assume the SRST role, it doesn't have a PORT command within the dial-peer for the 9T pattern and all outbound calls fail.

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Re: MGCP w/ SRST config to not lose ports

This may be related to a problem I had some time ago. Delete, then re-add all your H.323 dial-peers so that they appear after the MGCP-registered dial-peers.

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Re: MGCP w/ SRST config to not lose ports

Hi, rmilanovich,

Have you figured out this problem? I met the same problem as I configured my voice gateway to support SRST. I configured some dial peers to especially support 4 digit dialing and external dialing without waiting for inter-digit timeout. But I will lose port info each time I reload the gateway or reset MGCP.

Please help if you got the answer. I have been working on this for a couple of days and nights.

Many thanks!

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Re: MGCP w/ SRST config to not lose ports

My solution to this "problem" is to not use MGCP on any gateway that needs to do SRST. Hopefully someone will come up with something.

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