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I need to absolutely know if this will work from someone currently doing it.

We have Unity 4.0.1, CM 3.2.2C with VG200 running 12.2.11 (T3). Integrating with Meridian Mail.

If using MGCP on the CM and the VG200, will AMIS work or must you use H323!!!! We are using AMIS to do VM forwarding as well as hoping to get Long Distance Auth codes back from the Option 81 C so this is transparent to users currently using Nortel phones.

Cisco TAC on 2 occasions has stated that it WILL NOT (D708094,D064185)

But Kechambe has stated that it will using "newer code". Which exactly is newer code? 12.2.13 T is out but now suddenly the VG200 requires 64/16 K to run this new image so was this something built into the new code? Support of more memory on the VG200 as it use to only support a maximum of 32 and 8.

Please help !!!!

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Re: MGCP with AMIS

VG200 using MGCP is on the supported list for use with AMIS as of a month or two ago. See

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Re: MGCP with AMIS

Thank you very much!! This is exactly the hard proof I was looking for!!

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Re: MGCP with AMIS

Please contact me for more information. We have implemented Unity and Meridian Mail in a variety of ways. lets chat off-line, I will need a bit more detail.

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