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Migrate existing DC users to Active Directory


What's the best way to migrate existing DC users onto Active Directory?

The same user might be configured on DC and AD already. I wonder what's the best way to move the DC users' IP Tel settings, such as associated phone and PINs, onto their corresponding AD users.



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Re: Migrate existing DC users to Active Directory

Migrating to an Enterprise Directory

The Cisco CallManager administrator coordinates with the enterprise directory administrator to migrate the configuration information to the enterprise directory and to integrate Cisco CallManager with the user entries in the enterprise directory. The LDIF file can be modified to only add the auxiliary class attributes to the existing user objects, after the enterprise directory is extended by the Cisco CallManager installation.

Managing User Entries in an Enterprise Directory

After installing Cisco CallManager on the production server, users are added to the enterprise directory by the enterprise directory administrator. The enterprise directory administrator may use an LDIF file for bulk insert of configuration information for the existing users to enable them to use Cisco CallManager. Occasionally, when a few users are added to the enterprise directory, the Cisco CallManager administrator may use the Cisco CallManager Administration User windows to configure the new users.

Enterprise Directory Replication

When implementing the Cisco CallManager system, you must consider the way the directory is replicated and partitioned to ensure adequate performance of Cisco CallManager and the other components of the system. The Cisco CallManager workflow framework has been designed to work with enterprise LDAP directories, and the way that partitions of these directories are distributed and replicated will directly affect system performance.

With this kind of geographic distribution, it is essential that the directory servers in each region are partitioned and replicated correctly so that Cisco CallManager has local access to the directory information it needs.

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Re: Migrate existing DC users to Active Directory


Do you any tools/scripts to do this?



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