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Migration of Unity VMO to new Unity VMO Server

Ok so I'm asking a lot of questions.

The Customer is currently VMO Failover and wants to build a completely different VMO Failover. They want to have new hardware, etc.

Current Setup:

Unity 3.1(5)

Exchange 5.5 (VMO)

New Setup

Unity 4.0(3)

Exchange 2000 (VMO)

I know that the simple fast way would be to do a flash cut and use DIRT to backup and restore to the new VMO install. However, the customer does not want to do it this way they want to do it by departments at a time.

I thought of maybe using the site connector and migrating Exchange accounts, but that leaves the problem of that mailbox still communicating to the old 3.1(5) server.

Do you have a tool similar to DIRT, but you can choose what you want to migrate over. I suppose there would be a problem then with the two clusters being on different versions of Unity...


Cisco Employee

Re: Migration of Unity VMO to new Unity VMO Server

No... no tool like that in the library and it's not something on my queue - this gets tricky when dealing with maintaining link integrity on the system you're moving from and to - the Global Subscriber Manager lets you move subscribers between Unity servers that are in the same dialing domain and on the same directory/network (doesn't sound like the case here). But that's about as close as it gets...

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