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Migration Question

We presently have a 2.46 box running 900 subscribers in an Exchange 5.5 environment. We're going to an Exchange 2000 environment with 3.1. We're presently planning to do this: build Exchange 2000 enviornment, put user mailboxes over to Exchange 2000, then export the 2.46 DB to a .mdb file, and import it into 3.1, then shut the 2.46 box down and stand the 3.1 box up.Here's my question:

How is this going to work? How will the 3.1 box know which mailboxes are associated with each subscriber? Does it work off of alias? What?

Thanks in advance!

Cisco Employee

Re: Migration Question

first, you'll want to do the backup BEFORE you move your boxes over to E2K... Unity 2.x will not like folks living on Ex2K and that'll cause problems.

The import looks for users first by directory ID, then by RDN then by mail alias - so in this case it'll find the users based on mail alias and bind to them on the fly. If the user's aren't found (i.e. you created new E2K mailboxes using different mail aliases) then the import will create new users on the fly - probably not what you want.

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