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Minimizing service interruption during upgrades

Hi, each upgrade or service patch that we have applied we have tried to improve our process with the upgrade to minimize the actual interruption of phone service.

When applying the maintenance to a subscriber that requires multiple reboots, it would be nice to be able to disable the CCM service on the subscriber to prevent the phones from flip/flopping back and forth between the primary and secondary CM’s.

We just applied OS support patchA, MS02-020 patch, and CM support patch D. This required 3 reboots (one to break RAID mirror) and MS02-020 stops and starts the services. So, the phones switched between the primary and secondary CM’s 8 times (2 each time the service was stopped and restarted). The switchover is fast, but it will drop any calls that are in the setup process.

I will be adding new customers to our CM Cluster that work 24x7. Interrupting calls will not be a good thing.

Has anyone disabled the CM service on the subscriber during the upgrade process? Or is there another way to keep the number of times the phones switch to the secondary CM to one?



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